A Gladiator tale

As summer is getting closer, the time has come to invest in some killer gladiators (maybe not as killer as the ones in the movie 300).

Gladiator sandals have been around for centuries (think back to the b.C. era and can even be seen on Botticelli’s paintings) and they are still going strong! Especially with the ongoing trend of the 1970’s, you can wear them with anything to give your look that extra dose of cool. Pick a heeled version to up your nightime style game or a flat sandal to add a bit of fun to your everyday/work/school attire.

There are many variations on a theme and I must say, it was very hard to choose the best. Oh and to menation, not only do they look good, those shoes are comfortable. So if you’re up for it, see my picks for this season!


(Mango fringe leather sandale; 399 kn)


(Zara leather gladiator sandals; 799.90 kn)


(Zara frienged leather gladiator sandals; 899.90 kn)


(Zara leather high heel sandal; 599.90 kn)


(Mango leather gladiator sandal; 699 kn)


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