That 70’s!


This spring is all about the comeback of the crazy seveties. It was all over the runways in Paris, London and New York. The flare, the fringe, clashing florals..  From Saint Laurent to Louis Vuitton and Chloe, that trend is all the rage. Platform heels, lace dresses, suade anything and denim A-line mini skirts, it’s a Seventies time warp!

If you’re thinking about adding a garment with a certain “That 70’s show” vibe to your wardrobe, here are my top 5 picks for this spring!


(H&M imitation suade skirt; 349 kn)


(Zara lace dress; 599.90 kn)


(Zara off-the-shoulder dress; 499.90 kn)

43097619_57 (1)

(Mango linen pockets miniskirt; 269 kn)


(Zara leather platform heels; 599.90 kn)


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