An ode to childhood – Dungarees

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This is something that does not happen often. I managed to surprise myself by suddenly liking a denim garment called dungarees. I’m sure most of you, my dear readers, have had at least one while growing up. That’s the exact reason why everytime I’d see an adult person wearing them, in my mind I would say to them “Yo, dude, you’re not 3 anymore and playing with crayons (I mean, maybe you are, crayons can be pretty cool but you’re definitely not a toddler)”, so why dress like a kid? But then Alexa Chung came, Alessandra Ambrosio and Sarah Jessica Parker and changed my opinion.

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You can wear it with anything you like, starting from a simple striped top paired with Superga or Convers shoes for a comfortable and casually cool day look or pair black denim dungarees with your favorite white top (note: crop tops with dungarees look super cool), platform heels, a swipe of red lipstick and you’re ready to dance the night off!

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There are short and long versions, skirt dungarees and ones made out of differet materials such as linen and leather. My advice is, whichever you choose, it will look good, but it’s up to you to decide what suits your personal style best. Have fun with it! 🙂

Here are my picks! (And I just bought one of them today)


(AC for AG The Tennessee – Sulfur Deep Lake ; 2470.00 kn)


(Zara short dungarees; 299.90 kn)


(Zara denim dungarees; 399.90 kn)

Tell me your thoughts on dungarees!


11 thoughts on “An ode to childhood – Dungarees

  1. Dungarees are the best. I have black denim ones and am looking to buy them in light denim for summer. But otherwise, I also have a burgundy jumpsuit that is a bit more chic and can’t wait to wear it this summer. Love all kind of dungarees, jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers… ❤


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