London’s finest – Christopher Bailey

The love for Burberry grew more with every collection chief creative director, Christopher Bailey, sent down the runway. He nurtures proper english heritage in clothing eshetics while adding a certain dose of nonchalant edgyness which made Burberry the coolest brand on the planet. From collections filled with spikes and leather (Burberry Prorsum spring/summer 2011) to flowy, artsy printed long dresses combined with silk scarves and thin leather belts (Burberry fall/winter 2014), this London-based fashion house shows it’s versatilities every season while still honoring proper British style.


Now iconic, wool-and-cashmere ponchos with personal monogrammes which were seen in the Fall/Winter 2014 collection of Burberry Prorsum, heritage trench coats and checkered scarves have boosted Burberry sales by 10 per cent over the winter. Famous names including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham were all seen and photographed wearing their personalised ponchos. Not only does Burberry produce elegant and modern clothes, they make it with great quality. If you ever decide to invest in a classic trench, be sure it will last you for a lifetime. Or maybe a leather jacket, can’t really miss with that piece.



But, the thing that makes this fashion house even more special and loved by many is its creative director. With a honorary doctorate from Royal College of Arts, Christopher Bailey joined Burberry’s creative team in 2001 and by 2015 managed to snag biggest awards in the fashion world (Menswear Designer of the Year 2013, British Fashion Awards, International Award, Council of Fashion Designers of America, Designer of the Year, British Fashion Awards) as well as the position  of chief creative and chief executive officer of the Burberry Group. In addition to that, in 2008 with the help of Angela Ahrendts, he established the Burberry Foundation which helps young people realize their dreams through creativity.  The Burberry Foundation invests in select charities focused on supporting young people in the key cities in regions where the majority of Burberry employees live and work, and where they are able to participate in volunteer roles. If all of that doesn’t make you love him even more, I hope this will. Mr. Bailey has the biggest amount of love for music so he decided to make a Youtube channel called Burberry Acoustic on which he welcomes small and relatively unknow british musicians to help them gain well deserved publicity and recognition. Definitely well worth listening to. He chooses their songs to play on Burberry fashion shows and even brings them to play live while models are strutting down the runway wearing impeccably taylored clothes. That is how Tom Odell became famous.

With only 43 years of age, Christopher Bailey has managed to make Burberry one of the most recognised and appreciated brands in the world. He deserves to be admired and should serve as a perfect role model!

Listen to some of the best songs by birtish musicians on Youtube channel Burberry Acoustic!

Thank you, Bailey!

‘Posterity’ by Chris Wall – Burberry Acoustic

‘Know me well’ by Roo Panes – Burberry Acoustic

‘My doll’ by Sam Beeton . Burberry Acoustic

Feel free to listen to more of the songs on the channel!


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