Add some flirt to your wardrobe

Tha fact that it’s a really nice, warm and sunny day today, makes it a bit easier to get throught the horrors of Monday. Another long, working week in front of us while we would rather have fun in the sun and spend some quality time outdoors (for some of us, that means sitting on a terrace at our favorite caffe while sipping coffee). But, just because most of us don’t have the luxury to spend our week days like that, doesn’t mean we can’t dress for that occasion. It is well known that the way you dress can sometimes lift your spirits up and brighten your mood. So why not give that a try today?

Full, mid length skirts are making a comeback which is well deserved. First of all, it is a statement piece and second, it can be worn with anything, from platform heels and pointed toe flats to simple striped tops and silk button ups. They are suitable even for an everyday look. It will give your a dose of flirtation and fun while still looking chic!

Add some playfulness into your look. But most importantly, keep a smile on your face, it is a nice day after all!

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H&M Jersey top; 69.90 kn

ASOS Whistles Skirt in Palm Print Organza; 1660.00 kn

Zara Cage sandals with studs; 499.90 kn

Zara leather biker jacket; 1199.00 kn


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