Dieting and healthy living

Let’s start with me saying that I’m not the one that goes on diets or the one that keeps them. I’ll usually try it once, try to stick to a diet plan but it lasts for 2 and a half days. What can I say, I’m not the responsible one in that field (mindnight snacks bring way too much joy). But something changed one day about a month and a half ago. I decided to go on a diet that fits my usual eating habits and I managed to keep that diet for just a week. This sounds weird, I know. Why am I even writing about keeping a diet when I’m the one who couldn’t go through with it for more than a week? But the thing is, I lost 6 kilos (which is about 14 pounds) in that week and didn’t gain them back for more than a month now. Not only did I lose weight, I feel better, healthier and happier.

So if you’re planing on going on a diet, do try this eating plan and I hope you’ll get the results I got.

Note: I ate only salad for dinner, no salamon or meat other than white turkey, only almonds for snacks and nothing for dessert.

Note 2: I did not exercise, just try to move and walk wherever you can.

Note 3: Eat whatever salad you want. These seasonal salads taste great and why not eat them when you can.

Note 4: Drink as much green tea as you can. Before sleep was my choice.

BREAKFAST: Eat either 1 cup of whole-grain cereal with almond milk, 1 cup of yogurt flavored with honey and mixed berries, or an egg-white omelet cooked with chopped spinach and tomato for breakfast.


LUNCH: Consume a low-calorie, high-energy lunch of either 4 oz. of grilled chicken breast with 1 cup of chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, two hard-boiled eggs with celery and carrot sticks, or 4 oz. of lean turkey with carrots and cherry tomatoes.


DINNER: Eat a balanced dinner, choosing one of the following options: 5 to 8 oz. of grilled flank steak with chopped salad, 6 oz. of grilled chicken with 1 cup of steamed spinach, or 5 oz. of grilled salmon with 1 cup of steamed spinach.


SNACKS: Eat two snacks each day. Snacks can include 1 cup of mixed berries, a 5-oz. serving of sugar-free gelatin, 20 almonds, or 1 cup of avocado sliced and served with lemon and a small pinch of salt.

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3 thoughts on “Dieting and healthy living

  1. I love the idea of trying to become healthier, without the added stress of losing weight. I always feel like that’s when I lose the most weight. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to have to try some of them out!


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