Date night

This Saturday seems like a perfect day for a date. It’s the idile sunny day for a picnic in the nature, if daytime is more of your thing (Take a note on how to impress a girl: while I was walking my dog today in a beautiful meadow called Cmrok, I saw the cutest couple having a date, enjoying coffee and homemade grilled cheese). But evening gives you more options. It will be warm, the city will be filled with people enjoying their free hours and Zagreb, as a city on its own, gives that romantic vibe in Spring which you can feel in the air. Perfect scenario for a, hopefully, perfect evening. Just to make it a bit better, my ladies, there has to be the perfect outfit, right? I, myself, tend to dress casual on first dates while still keeping that dose of flirtation. Case in point: for my last ‘first date’ (which went amazing) I wore a red checkered shirt, black skinny jeans, pointed toe flats and a trench paired with Ray Ban Wayfarers. Since it’s a Saturday, it gives you even more options on wardrobe (mine was a week day), so here are my tips and tricks for a weekend date look!

Keep it “dressed up-casual”. Something you’re comfortable in but also something that you wouldn’t wear on a week day. Every girl has that one dress that works with both flats and heels. Choose the flats and if you’re not planing on kissing (you wouldn’t want to do that on the first date anyway, make him wait), go for the red lipstick and mascara combo with messy, beachy waves. And one more thing, no more tights and stockings which means you can show off your killer legs. But most importantly, be yourself and have fun. Get to know eachother, open up and relax. Dating is supposed to be fun so enjoy it as much as you can!

Here are my picks and tell me if you like them! (p.s. this is the egzact same thing I would wear if I had a date tonight, minus the red lipstick, wouldn’t want to color his face red 😉 )

41093513_08-41030050_01-43033587_32-43000052_TS-43080355_99 1381042251_2_1_1

image2xxl womens-steve-madden-elusionl-leopard-405339_366_a1


M.A.C. Lady Danger

Zara lace dress; 599.90 kn

Mango trench coat; 449.00 kn

Asos clutch; 160.00 kn

Steve Madden flats; 620.00 kn


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