Happy Sunday!

Such a nice and happy day! People tend to waste Sundays by not leaving the house, lying on the couch and watching tv. I mean, Sundays have quite a few different names and in my week it goes by “Lazy Braless Bitch In Pajama Day”. Accurate description, wouldn’t you say? But laziness aside, you probably got enough sleep and have all the free time. Catch up with your friends, take your dog for a walk and have fun in the sun. I can guarantee a better start of the week tomorrow with your batteries all charched up!
While getting ready for a day in the city, coffee in your favorite bar or a walk through a gorgeous park (Zagreb has a lot of those: Rokov Perivoj, Tuškanac, Zrinjevac, Tomislavac…), there is a Sunday soundtrack playing in the background!  Listen to these happy songs and enjoy your day as much as you can!

Happy Sunday! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

      1. me too. ☺ around xmas, i was completely stuck on that vid. i must have played it five times a day for about a week or so. the little faces he makes… ☺


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