All about the wellies

Coming from a city where it NEVER STOPS RAINING (and no, it’s not London and yes, it is worse than London), every person living there has come to a certain point of endurance and it ends with saying “Okay, enough with the wet feet and soaked socks, I’m going to get myself some rubber boots”. Wellies, that is. I didn’t really care how ugly and kinda chunky they are, as long as my feet were dry. My Hunter black wellies really did serve their purpose and I started to love them. Especially when I was at a festival and it was raining so the ground was covered in mud, that’s where they truly became a lifesaver. Wellies go with everything from lace short dresses, jeans and simple tops to denim shorts (just remember Kate Moss on Glastonbury festival in her shorts and tiny top strutting around in mud in her knee high boots). You can even pick whichever color you like, from neon crazy colors to blacks and greys. The options are unlimited.


Hunter is the go-to brand for awesome wellington boots. It is a British heritage brand with a rich history of innovation and is renowned for its iconic Original boot. Hunter was founded by American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris. Landing on Scottish soil, he founded the North British Rubber Company, later to be known as Hunter. There he produced boots and other industrial items, using the newly patented and innovative vulcanisation process to create durable rubber products.


The year 1956 marks the creation of the Original Green Wellington, a style later became known as the Original boot, the iconic design at the heart of the Hunter brand. The boots are still made on the original last and are handcrafted from 28 parts. Today the boots are instantly recognisable on the festival fields and across the globe.

If you planed on getting them but you’re not really sure, I say do it. They serve the purpose and look good. Doesn’t get better than looking great on a rainy day, does it? Today, I’ll be wearing my Original Green Wellingtons with a navy blue sweater and leather jacket. But check out some of the things you can wear them with and tell me if you like it!


hmprod (1) hmprod image1xxl

H&M top; 99.00 kn

H&M Jean shorts; 149.00 kn

Asos parka; 580.00 kn

02Y10GBLK_2_large 23Y09GSND_large 7418245800_6_1_1

Topshot jeans; 450.00 kn

Topshop sweater; 220.00 kn

Zara leather jacket; 1499.00 kn


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