New heel in town!

It’s not only a pair of shoes, it’s a mini work of art. Schutz shoes really are eye catching and as soon as I saw a pair on Leandra Medine’s inspiring page, Man Repeller, I knew I had to learn more about them. Impeccably crafted and intricately crafted sandals in poping colors and fringe details are an instant upgrade to any outfit. It is visible that the design of every model has been well thought through with a great amount of care and targeting a certain population of women who like to add playfulness into their looks. 

SCHUTZ was founded in August of 1995 and in little time achieved huge success in the women’s footwear market. Currently, SCHUTZ is based in Campo Bom, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), where it produces around 160,000 pairs of shoes per month. The shoes can be found in over 49 countries at proprietary stores, flagships, franchises and resellers. The company states that it’s their mission to offer their consumers an unforgettable with an emphasis on innovation and attitude (which can be seen in every single pair they produce). The prices run from 150 $ to 400 $ which makes them affordable and a really good investment. 
See the top models for this season and tell me which ones do you like the most! 


 Emanuella – 240 $

Kija – 200 $

    Juliana – 190 $


Delmano – 200 $  

 Erlina – 200 $

If you’re interested, visit their official page


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