A day in the River city – Rijeka

Welcome to Rijeka – the third largest city in Croatia which is located in Kvarner bay and is the principal seaport. But we’re not here to talk geography and demographics. Rijeka is officially an alternative rock town, but there’s a lot of content that make this city a modern and cultural city. The place where you could easily imagine yourself living. Because the industry has characterized this city in the form of development, it has a different vibe than all of the other places and towns in Croatia and is filled with character. As an artistic and cultural place build on industrial foundations, it is a joy to visit. So if you ever find yourself in (as we like to call it) Fiume, here are my favorite places to hang out!

Not one day can start without a good cup of coffee, right? The right place for it is Cukarikafe bar. Lovely interior ambiance in the shabby chic style with handcrafted wooden details, all kinds of different, vintage chairs and crochet tablecloths is what makes this place special as well as nice service and a bunch of good printed materials. It is located in the Old Town part of Rijeka which makes it the perfect place for an afternoon meet up.

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The fresh and interesting concept that was offered to Rijeka is Bar Bar which enriched the town’s gastronomic scene and created a place where visitors acan enjoy everything, from morning coffee to a wide range of Croatian and foreign wines (including Spanish, French and Tuscan) and evening bites. As far as their own restaurant menus in Bar bar bistro, you can drink your morning coffee with crisp croissants of biscuits with jam and almonds. For those who want something delicious, the menu includes small snacks made ​​from fresh ingredients delivered daily from the farmer’s market. There are meat and fish tartare, tuna with vegetables, ham and cheese, salmon and a variety of vegetarian snacks. The owners stated that “BAR BAR is composed of simple and, above all, everyday elements and details that are spatially combined into a single compact – conglomerated timeless unit”.

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Moving on to evenings. The evening is a time for relaxation and Rijeka is full of great places where you can fave fun while still in a casual relaxed atmosphere. For starters, there is Rakhia bar. In Meduliceva street in the Old Town of Rijeka, there is a bar that first wins you over with its original design that resembles one of a living room but doesn’t stop at that. Choose from hundreds of kinds of brandy from Istria, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Gorski Kotar, or you can take a chance and try more exotic kinds such as ones with edible gold or truffles. The fig brandy is by far the most popular one.



Last but not least, and my personal favorite place in the whole city is Bard. Also located in the Old Town part of Rijeka, it is an Celtic cafe white a wide range of beers, beautiful quotes on the walls, brewery memorabilia and a cool group of customers who are not shy from sitting on the floor steps while listening to classic tunes from bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Even when it’s packed full, it still remains a relaxed place where you can enjoy your evening over drinks and good company.

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Go spend a day in the city of Rijeka, you won’t regret it!


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