Eye Do (Love Eyeko)

When it comes to make up, there are some classic looks that are worth recreating and work every time. I’m talking about eyeliner. From way back when Cleopatra was the ruler, over the divine time of the sixties when Anna Karina owned that look to today’s ‘It’ girls and modern muses such as Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. Sounds strange but they all have something in common – the love for a good feline flick eyeliner. The look looks good on everyone, light eyed or not, Twiggy-big eyes or small, every girl can pull it off. But the sad thing is not every girl can do it properly. It takes some major skill to draw a perfect line on your lids and it takes practice but if you have the right eyeliner, half of the work is already done.


Here comes the more important part. The best eyeliner has been found! Eyeko, a London-based brand known for its faultless mascaras and liners, is the product of husband and wife duo Nina and Max Leykind. In 1999, the two beauty industry veterans combined forces to start a company that paired cool products with unforgettable packaging. Inspired by Twiggy and other British style icons, and now with Alexa Chung as a creative consultant, Eyeko’s makeup helps you achieve It Girl–worthy looks: Think dark liner, long lashes, and dramatic pops of color. Their repertoire of make up products is not very big which leads us to conclude that the company’s policy is “quality over quantity”. There are a few different kinds of eyeliners, depending on which color and what kind of a nib do you want. “Eye Do” Eyeliner created in collaboration with Alexa Chung is by far the best and my favorite piece of make up ever. It’s a carbon black liquid liner with the easy-to-wield pen which makes it the perfect tool with which to draw a perfect flick. The precision on the pen is extraordinary and it doesn’t smudge at all.



Another great product by Eyeko is their “Me And My Shadow” eye shadow stick. It’s an intense waterproof eye shadow and liner in one with built-in blending brush for smoky eyes in an instant. It glides on and stays on for a long-lasting, crease-resistant finish to accentuate your eyes. Coming in 6 different shades (my favorite is Taupe), it is the perfect shadow for either day or night time look, depends on how much of the product you apply onto your lids. Also, it is super easy to apply and you can easily smudge it with your fingers not worrying about if it’ perfect.


Personally, give me a great eyeliner and I can draw a perfect line in my sleep. That fact that “Eye Do” made it even easier to do the sexiest feline flick makes it a good enough reason not ever to buy anything other than Eyeko. As for the shadow, Taupe is something that I use in every occasion, from night looks to my everyday make up routine. The only thing that bothers me is that their products can’t be found on the Croatian market, I don’t even what to think about what to do when I run out of these amazing products!

If you like what you’ve just read, you can find Eyeko on Birchbox, Selfridges, Asos as well as their official page.


6 thoughts on “Eye Do (Love Eyeko)

  1. Eyeko is my favourite, I love the brow gel, Black Magic mascara and automatic gel eyeliner in powder pink which really opens up the eyes for great daytime look.


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