Summer cocktails – yes please!


It’s a beautiful, warm and sunny day! Coffee orders are slowly turning into iced versions, birthdays are being celebrated on the open and bicycles are everywhere, all of which makes it very hard to keep a smile off our faces. But there is one thing  missing: a sweet, colored and refreshing cocktail in your hand. I don’t know who could resist them and I definitely do not plan to do that this summer. Cocktails are somehow nicer and tastier when someone else makes them for us. The homemade ones usually don’t satisfy our taste pallet as well as those made in an expert cocktail bar (most of us don’t even know how and with what to start). However, this little list is intended for all of us sloths who do not know and don’t even want to deal with more than two ingredients in the kitchen. These three cocktails are super easy and require only two ingredients and some mixing!




Paloma is a cocktail similar to a margarita and the Spaniards do love it. If you love tequila, this one is for you. What you need to prepare it are tequila and grapefruit juice. Mix them in equal measure and add ice, lime and salt on the edge of the cup, if desired.



A classic Italian aperitif Garibaldi will serve us perfectly in this lazy story. It consists of Campari and orange juice. Fill the glass with ice and pour the juice and Campari in a ratio of 1 : 1 or 1 : 3 (Campari juice), depends on your taste.



Gin fans will enjoy this ultra simple and somewhat legendary drink. It dates back to the 20’s of the last century, and requires only half gin and half of the lime juice. Simple and perfect!


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