PLEASE HELP! #stopyulin2015

My dear readers, today I ask you for only one thing, a very small thing that could make a huge difference.

We live in the 21 century but in these situations it seems like we’re in the dark medieval times. China is brutally torturing, killing and eating dogs as a part of a “festival” (so they call it). For the sake of everyone, I am not going to go into details.

I am begging of you all, PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS and help these poor, innocent, loving and wonderful creatures. Help spread the word in any way you can. Share this post on your Facebook page, post the photo below with the hashtag #stopyulin2015 on your Instagram and Twitter page. Be a good, compassionate human being and help make a difference!

Here are the links to the petitions!

Share this post wherever you can, share the petition, help spread the word!




2 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP! #stopyulin2015

  1. This is so horrible and I 100% denounce it……..but, we torture and inhumanely treat and slaughter animals for profit daily. Do we really want to be eating animals who were in fear and mistreated, we will be eating their fear and misery hormones.

    On a happier note, I love your blog. Glad you stopped over to my blog,, love it when I find new blogs I love.



    1. I 100 % agree with you! I’m a vegetarian and think that not one animal should be killed. But the sad thing is, in today’s society, some animals are more appropriate for eating than others, which dogs are not a part of. I have 4 dogs and this makes me especially angry!
      Thank you, means a lot to me :))

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