Festival season

Festival season has been well on its way this last month and it is not planning to stop. If you’re going to a festival this summer, it’s time to forget the default uniform and opt for something with personality and a point of view instead.

In the light of tomorrow’s InMusic festival here in Zagreb, Croatia, here are some style icons with their look to help you create your own.



Just because you’re squelching around in mud, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a bit of velvet – or so suggests Alexa Chung, at least. Bringing a sophistication to even the festival fields, take her style cues with a neat blazer, jean and welly boot ensemble. Opt for a blouse beneath rather than a band T-shirt.

New vintage


Hippy spirit is embodied by the flame-haired songstress Florence Welch in her billowing gowns, kaftans and accompanying flowing locks. This is when a dress is entirely appropriate for the festivities of the fields. Side note: second-hand or high street options are best – anything too precious should be saved for the stage only.



The classic pin-up gal when it comes to festival dressing is of course Kate Moss in her rock chic garb. The key here is to look like you’re with the band (which of course she is) and not care too much about it.

Festival Cheer


Poppy Delevingne cleverly manages to navigate the fields and mud through her choice of colourful, cute and fresh accessories. Opt for real boots over wellingtons; choose a real bag over a rucksack or satchel; and go all out when it comes to any sort of floral wreath in the hair. Pompom fun is welcome.


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