Swimwear love

Swimwear is a sore point for most of us women. Not just because we think that because bathing suits are probably the tiniest piece of clothing we own which will show all of our shortcoming, but also because it is so hard to find the right model that does not look dull. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of swimsuit models that will not make you look like a middle-aged lady.

Very wide palette of colors and patterns, all imaginable models, with high-waisted shorts or a low, two-piece or one-piece, with or without straps, this hot season really everyone can find something for themselves. And even if you feel extra funky this summer season, you are free to combine the top and bottom of different swimsuits. Many high street shops offer separate pieces that can be combined according to your own proportions or aesthetic preferences. Particularly interesting are those one-piece swimsuits with a striking print but if you’re still prone to those two-piece model, you will find vibrant tones and interesting motifs on such models as well. Floral motifs, ethnic elements, fruit, fringe and ruffles, it can all be found. 

Now we bring you our top picks! Hope you like them as much as we do




Solid & Striped



image1xxl (2)

Anna Sui for O’Neill

image1xxl (1)

River Island

image1xxl (3)




image1xxl (4)


image1xxl (5)


image3xxl (1)

Vero Moda


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